Kusakabe Kimbei


Kusakabe Kimbei
1841 - 1934

Kusakabe Kimbei was a Japanese photographer. He usually went by his given name, Kimbei, because his clientele, mostly non-Japanese-speaking foreign residents and visitors, found it easier to pronounce than his family name. Not only is he considered to be one of the most important souvenir and scenery photographers in Japan, but also worked with Felice Beato and Baron Raimund von Stillfried as photographic colorist and assistant before opening his own studio in Yokohama. Later he also opened a branch in Tokyo.

Currently are most of our vintage photos out of Kusakabe Kimbei’s stock, or copies of the negatives from the photo studio Stillfried & Andersen, whose stock and as well as Felice Beato, he acquired in 1885. Around 1889 or 1890 his business moved to Hocho-Dori.

In our selection we have, superior handcoloured original mount photos from Kusakabe Kimbei studio, most of these photographs are of exceptional museum quality. The photography is stunning and Kusakabe at his best.

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